Our gardens spring to life during the summer months, but for every flower that blooms there’s many more weeds. Weeds love the summer heat too, which can leave many gardeners at odds with their outdoor spaces.

Keeping your weeds under control is possible with the right advice. Here we provide an essential guide to keeping your weeds in check, so you can enjoy the beauty of your garden this season and many seasons to come.


Remove the weed but leave the root

Weed control can seem like a never-ending battle, particularly during the spring and summer months. Whilst it may be tempting to dig out your weeds, root and all, killing the weeds at ground level can prevent them spreading.

No matter how thorough your weed control methods are, or have been in previous years, each and every bit of your garden contains dormant weed seedlings. These seedlings however will only germinate when they reside in the top two inches of the soil.

Remove weeds at ground level with a sharp knife leaving the soil largely undisturbed. Using this method, you won’t give weed seeds the chance to move up and germinate.


Use mulch as a weed controller

Mulch is a fabulous, garden friendly and environmentally friendly addition to outdoor spaces of all sizes. As well as regulating soil temperature and moisture, and combating erosion, mulch actively blocks weeds making it an all-natural weed control method.

By adding just 2 to 3 inches of mulch to planters and borders, you can cool the soil and keep light away from weeds to stunt their growth. The critters found in mulch also love weeds, in fact, some beetles and bugs seek out and eat weed seedlings!


Deadhead to prevent the spread

Weed removal doesn’t have to be back breaking work. Armed with a set of sharp pruners, you can deadhead weeds to curb the spread throughout your garden. Without deadheading or removal, weeds will disperse an extraordinary amount of seeds, leaving your garden riddled with undesirable plant life.


Change your planting strategy

Weeds love to fill unoccupied areas. By embracing a close planting strategy, you can cast shade on weeds and prevent them from taking over your backyard.

For all your seasonal planting needs and weed control problems, our local gardeners can be of assistance. Search for a reliable, reputable gardener near you today right here.


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