With plummeting temperatures and wintry weather to contend with, holing up at home and forgetting about the world outside is one thing many of us want to do during the colder months. Contrary to popular belief however, winter is a season that should be enjoyed outdoors.

Winter provides countless stunning natural scenes, not just in the local countryside but in your own backyard. Your garden needs a bit of TLC throughout the year, and this includes during the harsher winter months. Read our top tips for looking after and enjoying your garden this winter.

Do a spot of planting

Planting may be the last thing you tend to think about when maintaining your garden over the winter. Yet many stunning varieties can be planted and established even in the midst of freezing temperatures and less than ideal ground conditions.

Bare-root plants are one of the many plant types that establish better when planted during the winter months. As the name suggests, bare-root varieties are sold without any soil around the roots, and offer an easy and affordable way to plant a variety of shrubs, bushes, trees (especially fruit trees), roses and perennials.

Winter bedding is also ready for planting allowing you to give your garden a splash of colour this season.

Keep it neat and tidy

Trees and shrubs may have shed most of their leaves in the autumn but there’s still plenty of tidying up to do during winter. Keeping things neat, tidy and organised now means you can get on with some real gardening come the spring and summer months.

In addition to raking fallen leaves and pruning neglected, damaged or overgrown foliage, spend time in your greenhouse or shed. Prepare your gardening supplies for spring with a seasonal tidy up, prioritising the servicing of your mower and sharpening of well-used garden tools.

Give wildlife a helping hand

Local wildlife needs your help more than ever during the winter months. There are lots of things you can do to ensure your garden remains a haven for birds, insects and other wildlife in winter.

Fill your bird feeders; keep your bird bath topped up and ice-free; add a tennis ball to your pond to stop it from freezing over so it’s of use to frogs, newts and toads; and create sheltered spots, nooks and dry areas to give insects a safe place to hibernate.

Enjoy your winter garden

There’s a lot to love about your winter garden, so wrap up warm, sit back and enjoy your outdoor space at the most wonderful time of year. Appreciate your garden’s evergreens, enjoy the sight and scent of winter flowers, and take in the unique beauty of seed heads.

Need a little help tending your garden over the winter months? Find an experienced, local gardener that suits your needs and budget right here.

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