Spring is officially here, and with the warming weather, many of us will be eager to get back into our gardens once again. Early spring is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the summer. As the main focal point of any garden, the lawn may need a helping hand after the winter months. With this in mind, we’re here to share our top tips for getting the perfect lawn just in time for summer…


Mow your lawn regularly

Spring is the time when you need to step up your mowing game. Regular mowing is integral to lawn health and helps roots to spread to prevent weeds and get rid of any patchiness that may have developed during the cooler months.

Aim to mow your lawn every two weeks during the spring, and increase the frequency to once a week during summer. You should also increase the cutting height of your mower in summer. Leaving your lawn longer in length will minimise the browning caused by dry weather conditions.


Keep your lawn well hydrated

Regular watering is another must for spring lawn care. Be sure not to overwater the lawn. Use rainwater or grey water recycled from your bath or sink to feed your lawn. Sprinklers are another great investment; these should however only be used if your area is not subject to a hosepipe ban.

If your soil is compacted – a tell-tale sign of this is if you have bare patches in the summer but a mud bath during winter – use a garden fork to aerate the soil and relieve heavy ground that inhibits grass regrowth.


Weed your grass by hand

Even lawn specific treatments that claim to keep weeds at bay can kill entire lawns and contribute to poor grass health. Going for the good old fashioned technique of weeding your lawn by hand is the best option, particularly when tackling plantains and dandelions whose wide, flat leaves prevent lawn growth.

Weeds like buttercups and clovers pose another problem. Be sure to rake your lawn before you mow to successfully remove them during mowing.


Get advice from a professional

You don’t have to tackle spring and summer lawn care alone. Here at Look4 Gardeners, we put you in touch with the professional gardening services that will transform your outdoor space. Start your search for a gardener today.


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