Spring marks the start of the gardening season. After months of not being able to do very much outdoors due to the freezing temperatures of winter, we can’t wait to get back out there!

Spring offers the ideal conditions to get your garden back on track. But where do you begin when making your green space ship shape again? In this blog post, we share the garden maintenance tasks that should be on your to-do list this spring.


Concentrate on lawn care

If you’re looking to enjoy a lush green lawn this summer, then work begins in spring. In addition to regular mowing and appropriate moss management, your lawn should be fed in mid-spring to encourage growth and prevent weeds. Use a specialist spring or summer lawn fertiliser, and apply it to moist soil or when rain is due to fall.

If your lawn is looking a little bare, over-seed these sparse areas to encourage new growth. Sow your grass seed directly and rake to spread. Keep seeds moist for the first few days and expect sprouting within 1 to 2 weeks.


Spring clean your garden

Take that seasonal clean-up out of the home and into your garden by clearing plant debris, such as fallen branches, matted leaves and last year’s perennial foliage. By keeping on top of spring cleaning from the very beginning of the season, you can minimise pests and plant diseases.

Hard surfaces, like patios, decking and paving, will also benefit from a well-timed spring clean. Get your outdoor entertaining spaces ready for summer with a scrub or pressure wash.


Get planting!

Thanks to climbing temperatures and milder weather conditions, spring is the ideal time to get planting. Petunias, sweet alyssum, daisies, pansies and nemesia are just some of the plant varieties that thrive when planted during spring.

Those looking to grow their own supplies of fruit and vegetables should prep their planters and raised beds, and get sowing. Many fruits, vegetables and herbs - including carrot, rocket, chard, spinach, beetroot and parsley - have to be planted or sown outdoors between March and May.


Employ a gardener

Employing the services of a professional gardener doesn’t have to cost the earth. Our gardeners offer a long list of services, including regular maintenance, to ensure individuals with all budgets and needs can be fully catered for. Thanks to our service, you don’t have to take on those spring garden maintenance tasks alone.

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