Winter is almost here, but this doesn’t mean you can leave your garden to its own devices. Gardens big and small need maintenance all year round to stay in tip top condition from season to season. As a result, there should be a number of garden maintenance tasks on your to-do list. Here we reveal the garden maintenance musts to check off before winter arrives.


Tidy up your outdoor space

Autumn is the ideal time to give your garden a good tidy and it’ll set you up for not just winter but spring and summer too. Clear out dead and dying foliage throughout your garden (including your borders and planters) to give plant life a much-needed boost and improve your outlook.

Place a net on your pond to prevent falling leaves from entering the water and pay attention to your greenhouse. This will be a temporary home for overwintering plants, so sweep out debris, disinfect shelves and make sure it’s a pest-free zone. Finish by clearing out your compost bins ready for next year’s garden waste.


Prepare and feed your lawn

Our lawns are one part of the garden that are often forgotten about during the cooler months. Whilst the weather doesn’t make the conditions ideal for a spot of mowing, there are a few things you can do to give your lawn the tender loving care it needs during the harsher seasons.

Use a rake to remove thatch and moss, before brushing in a top dressing and applying autumn lawn feed. If your lawn becomes waterlogged during autumn and winter, improve drainage by aerating with a garden fork.


Get planting!

Late autumn and early winter aren’t generally known for planting but there’s a variety of plant life that can become well established if planted at this time of year.

Selected evergreens can be planted and they’re fantastic options for borders that are looking a little sparse after your autumn clear out. Now’s the perfect time to lay new turf too, so don’t delay!

Some existing plant species may also need a little extra help as the weather cools and frosts set in. Dahlias, begonias and cannas should be lifted, replanted in trays and stored in a cool, frost-free place. They can then be replanted in your garden when spring arrives.

You don’t have to tackle autumn and winter gardening alone! Start your search for a local gardening expert today.


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