Even as the weather grows cooler, the design and maintenance of our gardens is certain to be on our minds. During autumn and early winter, and with the right design, features and accessories, outdoor spaces can continue to be the entertaining areas we need them to be.

Getting your garden landscaped now will set you up for the season ahead and many seasons to come, as well as help you harness a number of advantages. Landscaping is a great way to conserve energy within your garden, create havens for wildlife, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase your home’s value, but which type of garden landscaping is right for your outdoor space?

We take a closer look at the different types of landscaping available from the gardening professionals we connect you with at Look4 Gardeners.



Many landscape gardeners differentiate themselves as hardscape gardeners. Hardscape gardeners focus on the design, creation and installation of the man-made features that make a garden, such as the paths, patios, walls and steps, rather than the living, organic elements of a garden landscape.

Hardscape specialists also erect structures to enhance the garden space, with wooden decks, fences, arbours, gazebos and pergolas all used to improve the use of outdoor spaces big and small.



At the opposite end of the garden landscaping scale, you’ll find softscaping. Softscape gardeners focus on the addition and maintenance of plant life within the garden space.

Whether you’re looking to create a country garden with traditional borders and plant life, or a contemporary space filled with showier specimens, a softscape gardener will help to illuminate your space with the right plant material. Softscape gardeners also cover the addition and upkeep of lawns and ornamental grasses.



Whilst some professionals specialise in the design side of garden landscaping, and others like to focus solely on installation, there’s a number of garden landscapers that like to work exclusively on maintenance.

After the design and installation of both hardscape and softscape features, it’s regular maintenance that keeps your new garden look alive.


Looking for help with garden landscaping?

Look no further than Look4 Gardeners! We help home improvers like you to connect with the right gardeners with the right skills in the right area at the right price.

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