With spring just around the corner, we’re all looking forward to getting back out into our gardens once more. For those looking to take sowing and growing to the next level, investing in a greenhouse can unlock a long list of advantages.

Greenhouses give gardeners all they need to extend their growing season and gain more from their kitchen gardens. Greenhouse conditions also provide the opportunity to grow a wider variety of plants, with even tropical plants feeling right at home in humid greenhouses. Greenhouses protect plants from predators and pests, and can be used to contain beneficial insects that help your plants to thrive. With a greenhouse, gardening can be an all-year-round hobby too, with avid gardeners able to do what they love come rain, shine or snow!

If you’re looking to harness the benefits mentioned above, now is the time to get started! The last weeks of winter is the ideal time to erect and start using a freestanding greenhouse. But what do you need to do to prepare your garden for the new addition?


Choose a sunny spot

Finding the right site is half the battle when preparing your garden for the addition of a greenhouse. In fact, getting it right could be the difference between success and failure!

Choose a spot that receives lots of light. Avoid positioning a greenhouse under trees and other foliage. The plants within will suffer if there’s a lot of shade cast on your greenhouse. Falling leaves and branches from surrounding trees and foliage can also obscure light and block guttering.


Make it easy to access

Maintaining a greenhouse takes time and effort, which is why it’s important to position your greenhouse in a spot that’s convenient. As well as nipping back and forth to tend to your plants, you’ll want to make sure you can easily access your greenhouse to top up your stash of home-grown goodies.


Find out whether you need permission

In the vast majority of circumstances, greenhouse installation will not require planning permission. If you intend to use your greenhouse to grow produce for commercial use and/or the greenhouse covers more than half your garden space, you should speak to your local planning office.


Level your greenhouse site

Once you’ve found the perfect position for your greenhouse, it’s time to begin the groundworks. Whilst greenhouses positioned on slopes are possible, levelling the ground first is something we’d recommend.


Create a solid foundation

Unbeknown to most, greenhouses cannot be positioned on grass or soil, unless you intend to plant directly into beds from inside the structure. Most greenhouse designs require a solid foundation. Flag stones, concrete or brickwork provide a sturdy perimeter base to bolt your greenhouse to.

Need further advice on greenhouse installation or want to talk about your garden plans with an expert? Use our reliable service to find a gardener near you.


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