Keeping your home neat and tidy is a must, whether you own your property or rent. The outside of your property in particular needs lots of tender loving care to stay in tip top condition, a fact that makes pressure washing essential.

Pressure washing is an easy way to keep the exterior of your home, and the outdoor space that surrounds it, clean, pristine and inviting. But why is pressure washing your drive a great idea, when should you do it, and how can you ensure a professional finish that wows visitors and makes neighbours extra envious? In this blog post, we answer these all-important questions.


Why pressure wash your driveway

Pressure washing is a highly effective technique that removes dirt and debris from any surface, including your driveway. When performed correctly and periodically, pressure washing can extend the life of your driveway so you can avoid the expense and upheaval of driveway replacement or resurfacing.

Driveways that aren’t regularly pressure washed tend to be prone to cracking, pitting and other damage. Regular pressure washing is very cost efficient, saves time and effort, and improves safety.


The best time to pressure wash

Pressure washing should be performed at least once a year to keep your driveway safe and in the best possible condition. You may need to pressure wash your driveway more frequently if you have a build-up of moss and algae, or have particularly stubborn stains that you want to get rid of.

Unbeknown to many, pressure washing is a great weed control tactic, particularly on block paved drives. If you have weeds growing from the cracks and edges of your driveway, you may want to increase how often you have it pressure washed to keep on top of growth.

Whilst pressure washing can be undertaken at any time of the year, many choose to have their driveways pressure washed during the spring and summer when weeds, algae and moss are most visible.


How to get a professional finish

Pressure washers are generally inexpensive to buy but for a truly professional finish, requesting the help of a gardener or pressure washing expert is recommended.

The professional you choose will be well versed in pressure washing procedures and will also know the correct pressure that will be best suited to your driveway. They’ll be able to suggest other tips and a suitable pressure washing schedule to keep your drive looking great for the long term too.

Need your driveway pressure washing? Leave it to the experts! Search for a reliable gardener today to take care of all your pressure washing needs.


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