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Securely search for an experienced gardener to tend to all sorts of garden work including:

  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Grass Cutting
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Planting
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Why Hire a Gardener?

Experienced gardeners will take care of every aspect of work in the garden.

As well as general garden maintenance, they can also advise on larger scale design jobs and garden clearance. Gardeners will come straight to the garden fully equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment.

They will also have gloves, overalls and protective masks and head gear for handling problematic plants and trees. 

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Different types of Gardens

Different properties have different kinds of gardens. Skilled gardeners will be able to work in any kind of garden, big or small. Both residential and commercial properties might include various types of garden. These could include: 


  • Lawn gardens
  • Balcony gardens
  • Gardens and patios
  • Commercial gardens
  • Communal gardens 
  • Private gardens in a residential block
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What is the Gardening Process?

Once you have selected an experienced gardener to carry out your gardening work they will begin to organise a plan of work. They will discuss with you exactly what needs to be done, and what tasks shoud be given priority. They will be happy to communicate what they are doing at any stage. During the work you can expect the gardener to carry out the following:


  • Inspect the garden area
  • Agree on what work needs doing
  • Advice on plant care and overall garden maintenance
  • Weeding around the whole area
  • Cut and mow the lawn
  • Vegetable care and upkeep
  • Hedge trimming
  • Plant pruning
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Gardening with offers a secure and user-friendly way to find gardening services local to you. You can quickly find a gardener to carry out work in your garden by accessing the contact details of gardeners up and down the country. Simply log on to Look4Gardeners to get the gardening work underway.     

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