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Look4Gardeners is a great place to start with green house installation.

The secure site compiles a UK wide database of experienced gardeners who can assist in every aspect of green house installation including:


  • Supply and install a variety of sizes and styles of green houses
  • Options to design green house tailored to your plans
  • Installation of a suitable base to support the structure
  • Full construction of the selected green house model
  • Optional accessories such as extra vents and automatic openings
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Why Hire a Gardener for Green House Installation?

Installing a greenhouse properly takes time and effort. Hiring an experienced green house installer removes any worries about putting the building up.

They can take care of the entire process from ordering in all necessary components to installing the green house when it is constructed.

You can then set about deciding what plants to fill the green house in perfect confidence.


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What is the Green House Installation Process?

A gardening team will visit the property and ensure that your chosen style of green house is properly assembled and installed. Any style of green house can be installed, from the most basic of outbuildings to individually designed models with substantial extra fittings and accessories. During the installation process the  gardening team will:


  • Visit the garden and take all necessary measurements
  • Create a detailed ground plan and notes to construct the base
  • Installation of the base works to fit on the grounds
  • Ensure that the base is correctly sized and positioned
  • Install the green house on the foundations
  • Fit all doors and glazing
  • Ensure that everything is secure and ready for use
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Green House Installation with provides an easy to use method of finding the right team of gardeners to install your green house. By searching on the nationwide database you can select local gardeners for an assured green house installation. Simply click on to make sure the job is done right.

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