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Look4Gardeners provides detailed access to experienced gardeners who can assist with your specific hedge care jobs.

They can help with:


  • Hedge trimming, cutting, shaping and overall care
  • Fully trained hedge trimming procedure
  • Access to the latest hedge trimming and shaping equipment
  • Removal of dead hedges
  • Advice on ongoing hedge care and treatment
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Why Hire a Gardener for Hedge Care?

Professional gardeners can take care of any aspect of hedge care.

Hiring a professional means you can have full confidence that the job will be done properly and in full accordance to regulations. You may have overgrown hedges that need cutting back so as not to restrict access to roads and pathways. There may be hedges that need decorative shaping. It could be that the hedges on a public property have some form of plant disease.

Whatever the job entails, fully insured gardeners will be able to help.

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How will a Gardener help with Hedge Care ?

Gardeners can offer a full range of tasks for looking after garden hedges. By following a logical procedure they will be able to provide the best methods for treating and caring for the garden hedges. Fully trained gardeners will:


  • Carefully inspect the condition of all garden hedges
  • Take photographs for further analysis
  • Clear hedges of any detritus, litter or waste
  • Choose the correct hedge height allowing for specific regulations or guidelines
  • Trim hedges to allow for health and shape
  • Fertiliser and treatments used as required
  • Provide an overview of the hedges condition and advice on ongoing care
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Hedge Care with provides a nationwide database of experienced gardeners ready to tackle any hedge care activity. By searching on the site, you can securely find gardeners local to you who will assist in hedge care work. Try the service today to find a solution to exactly what you're looking for. By using the site you can hire a gardener to look after every aspect of the hedge care work.

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