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How can a Gardener help with Tree Care?

  • Tree removals
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree surgery
  • Tree crown reduction and reshaping
  • Emergency storm damaged trees
  • Specialist arborist services for diseased trees
  • Stump grinding
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Why Hire a Gardener for Tree Care?

Experienced gardeners have all the necessary skills and equipment to tackle any tree work. High level services can be delivered promptly and effectively, offering you confidence in a job well done. Taking care of the appearance and health of trees is a not a task to be taken lightly and is not advised for non professionals.


  • Professionals understand trees and how to present them in the most attractive ways
  • Gardening teams will be able to deal with all of the work safely and to the highest standard
  • Professional equipment for trimming and cutting such as powerful wood saws
  • Professional ladders and supports for reaching every part of the tallest trees
  • All the equipment necessary for waste clearance after the job
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What is the Tree Care Process?

Skilled gardeners and tree surgeons can discuss what work needs to be done with you in detail before they start work. They can deliver a unique plan centred around your ideas for the trees in the outdoor space.  During the work they will:


  • Make a plan of what tree care needs to be done
  • Careful evaluation of all of the trees health
  • Diagnose any possible tree diseases
  • Clear the area around the trees ready for work
  • Trim, prune and dead wood removal as needed
  • Cleaning and branch reduction
  • Removal of unsightly or infected tree stumps
  • Recommendations for ongoing tree care
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Tree Care with offers a secure and user-friendly way to find tree care services local to you. The contact details of tree specialist across the UK are available on the database. Simply search on to discover the best options for tree care to get the job done right.

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