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How can a Gardener help with Weed Control?

  • Treatment plans for weed control
  • Clearing lawns and surrounding areas of weeds
  • Clearing pathways and patios of weeds
  • Options of herbicides use
  • Professional weed control fabrics   
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Why Hire a Gardener for Weed Control?

A professional gardener and weed control expert will deliver the best quality plans to deal with your own particular needs. By clearly identifying the problem, they can action the most effective techniques to control any wild plant growth. They will also offer chemical treatments which are not advised for non-professional experts to use. They can provide:   


  • Professional understanding of the different types of weeds and the source of the seeds
  • Manual removal of weeds by digging out with trowels and shovels
  • Systematic watering and irrigation of the garden
  • Selection of different types of herbicides to completely remove weeds from paths
  • Use of a more diluted form of herbicide for the lawn
  • Options to put weed barriers in place in specific areas
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What is the Weed Control Process?

Experienced gardeners will discuss the weed control process with you at every stage. They will make a plan of action for the garden based on your requirements. They will: 


  • Visit the garden and make a plan of what weed control needs to be done
  • Identify where the weeds are and how persistent and deep rooted they are
  • Using rakes and hoes to kill off weed seedlings in soil
  • Hand-weeding with fork and trowel
  • Cut back weeds using shears or garden knife
  • Use mulch to cover weeds
  • Position weed control fabrics over problem areas
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Weed Control with compiles a database of experienced gardeners able to help with professional weed control. Perfectly secure and easy to use, the site offers the contact details of weed control experts local to you. By browsing the site you can quickly find the best way to deal with your weed control. 




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